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Resource Augmentation

How to Optimize the Future of Work? Tips for Maximizing Efficiency through Resource Augmentation

The trend of remote work has forever changed the business world which has been integrated across the globe due to COVID-19 and as a means of improving employee efficiency. This has led to the evolution of resource augmentation models that more and more companies are adopting, especially in the IT sector. Remote teams are formed that operate from across the world.

However, these can only help you reach the maximum level of productivity if these resource augmentation models are implemented effectively. In this blog, we will provide you with the best tips to optimize your workflow.

Agile Methodology

An agile workflow is a visual, simplified project management framework that breaks down the work at hand into steps. This enables effective communication, teamwork, flexibility, and continuous improvement. Agile is one of the best-suited software development methodologies for IT sector users but it has also risen to popularity in other sectors.

Efficient Hiring and Onboarding Process

A proper, systematic hiring process is essential for recruiting resources that are best fit for the team. For example, at Hashloops, we hire developers and the best software engineers through a 3-stage interview process to test their technical, and verbal expertise and asses their overall behavior. For our onboarding process for clients who require remote resources or teams, we shortlist from our pre-vetted resources, schedule interviews, and hire as per our client’s needs.

Companies in other sectors can now make use of automated HR workflows that allow optimized hiring and onboarding processes, employee information, and much more.

Managing Client Business Relationship

One of the key aspects of handling client relationships properly is retaining them – which is essential for the success of your business. This involves incorporating vigorous client relationship management processes which can include understanding client’s requirements, receiving customer feedback, and enabling follow-up procedures.

Total Quality Management

To ensure top-quality results, methods such as total quality management (TQM) help in clarifying processes that eliminate inadequacies and any mistakes. TQM is an adaptable tool that managers can make use of for the unique needs of a team or a company.