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Top Trends Shaping the Future of Web and Mobile App Development Companies

The world is being dominated by emerging business trends that companies must adopt to stay ahead of their competitors. Having a digital presence is crucial for any business to thrive. This has become even more significant with the advancement of technology and customers shifting to searching for and buying products and services online.

Similarly, the IT and software industry has seen some of the most revolutionary changes and trends. Below we will shed light on a list of the most popular trends for website development and mobile app development respectively.


WordPress Development

This major Content Management system has allowed for a significant number of websites to be hosted and built on the Internet. WordPress is a popular open-source platform; with a wide range of offerings that are aimed to meet the needs of the users with excellent and customizable features. Some popular web development trends in WordPress include drag-and-drop page builders, multipurpose themes, voice search optimization, and dark mode support.

Motion User Interface

Motion UI has risen to popularity as a means to create responsive and dynamic websites for diverse sectors. This front-end framework enables pre-established motions that are used to create various effects such as transition, animations, slide, and bounce options, etc. Using Motion UI assists in elevating user experience and retention.

Serverless Architecture

A lot of companies experience high development costs, data loss, and even system overloading. To tackle these problems, a cloud-based technology known as serverless architecture came into being which helps reduce these problems and allows developers to apply codes without the need for supervision. This means there is no need for the facilitation, upgrade, or management of servers.

Cyber Security AI

With the rise of digital companies and customer usage on the internet, cybersecurity has become a prevalent issue that both companies and users face. With the support of Artificial Intelligence combined with human power, it is getting easier to improve security on the internet which incorporates an efficient way to detect any security threats and block them in real time.

While there has been progress in human-run multi-factor authentication tools such as Security Operation Centers, Google Authenticator, etc, cyber security AI can detect malware function, phishing detection, strengthen network security, and much more.


Artificial Intelligence

Probably one of the greatest inventions that has forever changed the development and digital landscape, Artificial Intelligence is the future of IT. This has transformed the application development process with some exceptional features. Some excellent benefits of AI for mobile application development include network security, AI chatbots, application authentication, and personalized and enhanced user experience.

Augmented Reality

Another noticeable and trending invention is the Augmented Reality (AR) which is directed at offering an interactive user experience like no other. You may have seen the super cool AR headsets. Augmented reality enables users to perceive the physical world through an elevated computer-generated experience. This is a great technology for the creation of gaming apps, retail apps, and networking and socializing.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is an impressive technology that allows for a physical device that contains unique technologies to connect to other devices on the Internet. This has led to the formation of smart and innovative objects such as smart appliances and wearables that create an integrated space for users.

For developers, IoT applications account for a smooth and efficient user experience that bridges the gap with other IoT devices. This can help in gathering data and using it to display or control other devices such as a remote-control application on your mobile phone for your smart TV at home.

Voice User Interface

If you are an iPhone user, then you may have tried Siri. Or you may have heard of Alexa. These are voice user interface technologies that have become a norm in a lot of people’s daily lives. Voice-controlled devices are accessible and process faster information with hands-free features and convenience like no other. Another popular example is Google Assistant which helps with not just quicker information loading, but you can also perform tasks such as shopping online finding and booking places, and much more with your voice.

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